In abid  to address some of the key problems being faced by youth in Eastern Uganda, notably unemployment, limited access to sexual and reproductive health services, low levels of awareness on issues of rights and civic participation, plus high level of vulnerability to abuse and exploitation.

MAFOC   targets young people between the age of 15 and 24 years, through interventions intended towards equipping them with vocational skills that ensures placement of youth in vocational training institutions for vocational training based on the available marketable trades of their choice. Business and entrepreneurship skills that involves training youth in business and entrepreneur skills, in order to improve on their business plan and ideas based on the capacity gap identified by the instructors. Plus increasing access to sexual and reproductive health through creating awareness on Sexual reproductive health and rights, through peer education outreaches with the basis of promoting behavior change, knowledge and attitudes. In addition, the organization empowers these young people with essential age-appropriate life skills for effective leadership, representation and involvement on key civic issues relevant to them through  by engaging youth in advocacy initiatives such as holding forums for information sharing and learning, participation in commemoration of events like the Youth Day, youth parliaments and youth assemblies.