MAFOC is an indigenous, Child centered, community based Non-governmental organization that has been in existence since 2003. The catchment Area is 10 districts including Mbale, Sironko, Bulambuli, Budaka, Pallisa, Kibuku, and Butaleja.  Ten community CBOs of Nabitskhi, Abur, Nampanga, Busiu, Mazimasa, Butove, Simu, Bugusege, Kadenge, and Pulaka under CCF support then came together to form an umbrella Association that eventually came to be called MAFOC. The organization operates in the famous Mt. Elgon Zone, with some communities located on the slopes. The organization has a skilled and highly motivated staff for programme implementation and management. A Governance board also is in place for the oversight role. It is majorly a sponsorship organization with currently 5000 families directly supported.


A self-Reliant community able to protect and support children and youth live dignified lives through maximized potentials.


MAFOC promotes an environment where children live in dignity to achieve their full potentials by addressing the experiences and root causes of child poverty and adversity at family level while improving chances for a better future.


Improved well-being of Children and Young Adults


  1. To strengthen Structures and Systems for service delivery to children
  2. To promote Programs that improve the wellbeing of children and young adults through life stages of growth delivered.
  3. To provide an environment that supports the holistic development of children
  4. To avail Opportunities for Children and Youth to develop their potentials
  5. To establish and support preventive and management measures for DES and safety whenever funds allows
  6. To play the role of advocacy for child development and youth welfare policy the community
  7. To manage, improve, cultivate and maintain any building, land and to dispose of the same as may be deemed   necessary.

Our Impact group

  • Children      0-5 years
  • Children     6-14years
  • Youth         15 – 15years